#1020 Haystack 4 Review - 3.9.13

Brian Frank Tue 29 Nov 2022

We have posted the latest preview release 3.9.13 on GitHub and updated the docs.

See previous version notes:

  • 3.9.12 topic 983
  • 3.9.11 topic 945
  • 3.9.10 topic 908
  • 3.9.9 topic 844
  • 3.9.8 topic 797
  • 3.9.7 topic 743
  • 3.9.6 topic 737
  • 3.9.5 topic 714
  • 3.9.4 topic 699
  • 3.9.3 topic 694
  • 3.9.2 topic 687

Both the EVSE and VRF working groups have published draft models for review. I have included both of their work into the online docs. Just note that both these new verticals are not finalized.

Lab WG Proposals

Several proposals for new/update tags definitions have been made by the Labs WG which are incorporated into the official docs now:

Note that heatPump is now considered an "adjective" marker, not a stand alone entity type.


The VRF ontology was previously a branch on GitHub, which has now been merged into the master.

There is a new chapter docHaystack::VRF which covers the new design.

There is still some ongoing debate about the indoorUnit/outdoorUnit tags which you can chime in via topic 916.


The equip ontology for electric vehicle supply equipment is now published into the docs. See the new docHaystack::EVSE chapter for the current proposed model.


Version 3.9.13 (29 Nov 2022)

  • Stub out system marker tag
  • Merge in VRF branch
  • #986: New tags: phaseCount, singlePhase, threePhase
  • #1007 Updated tags: elec, heatPump, volt
  • #1008 New tags: compressor, mech, serviceFactor

Chris Fawley Wed 15 Feb

Where might I find the latest xls copy of the points that includes naming, tags, etc...?

Brian Frank Wed 15 Feb

We don't publish an Excel file per se, but there is always a CSV file you can open in Excel. They are always available on Downloads tab

Chris Fawley Wed 15 Feb

Thanks Brian,

I downloaded the Defs CSV and the Protos CSV but neither one seemed to contain the camelCase name of the actual points. I saw descriptors, plain english names, and tag info but not the actual point name. Am I just missing it?


Brian Frank Wed 15 Feb

Haystack doesn't prescribe names for your points. Haystack is 100% focused on modeling points with tags and not a naming convention. So I'm not sure what you are referring to, something you have seen before?

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