#1020 Haystack 4 Review - 3.9.13

Brian Frank Tue 29 Nov 2022

We have posted the latest preview release 3.9.13 on GitHub and updated the docs.

See previous version notes:

  • 3.9.12 topic 983
  • 3.9.11 topic 945
  • 3.9.10 topic 908
  • 3.9.9 topic 844
  • 3.9.8 topic 797
  • 3.9.7 topic 743
  • 3.9.6 topic 737
  • 3.9.5 topic 714
  • 3.9.4 topic 699
  • 3.9.3 topic 694
  • 3.9.2 topic 687

Both the EVSE and VRF working groups have published draft models for review. I have included both of their work into the online docs. Just note that both these new verticals are not finalized.

Lab WG Proposals

Several proposals for new/update tags definitions have been made by the Labs WG which are incorporated into the official docs now:

Note that heatPump is now considered an "adjective" marker, not a stand alone entity type.


The VRF ontology was previously a branch on GitHub, which has now been merged into the master.

There is a new chapter docHaystack::VRF which covers the new design.

There is still some ongoing debate about the indoorUnit/outdoorUnit tags which you can chime in via topic 916.


The equip ontology for electric vehicle supply equipment is now published into the docs. See the new docHaystack::EVSE chapter for the current proposed model.


Version 3.9.13 (29 Nov 2022)

  • Stub out system marker tag
  • Merge in VRF branch
  • #986: New tags: phaseCount, singlePhase, threePhase
  • #1007 Updated tags: elec, heatPump, volt
  • #1008 New tags: compressor, mech, serviceFactor

Chris Fawley Wed 15 Feb 2023

Where might I find the latest xls copy of the points that includes naming, tags, etc...?

Brian Frank Wed 15 Feb 2023

We don't publish an Excel file per se, but there is always a CSV file you can open in Excel. They are always available on Downloads tab

Chris Fawley Wed 15 Feb 2023

Thanks Brian,

I downloaded the Defs CSV and the Protos CSV but neither one seemed to contain the camelCase name of the actual points. I saw descriptors, plain english names, and tag info but not the actual point name. Am I just missing it?


Brian Frank Wed 15 Feb 2023

Haystack doesn't prescribe names for your points. Haystack is 100% focused on modeling points with tags and not a naming convention. So I'm not sure what you are referring to, something you have seen before?

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