#743 Haystack 4.0 Review - 3.9.7

Brian Frank Thu 3 Oct 2019

We have upgraded the project-haystack.dev with a new version.

See previous version notes:

  • 3.9.6 topic 737
  • 3.9.5 topic 714
  • 3.9.4 topic 699
  • 3.9.3 topic 694
  • 3.9.2 topic 687


There is a lot more tightening up and polishing of the meta-model.  This includes documentation updates for normalization, associations, and relationships.


This version includes a port of almost everything from Haystack 3 in terms of tags and point types.  At this point if you notice something modeled in Haystack 3 which is not found in Haystack 4 please let us know in case its an oversight.

I originally had a plan to try and model all points with a subject and quantity choice, but getting into the last 20% of points like heat wheels, faceBypass, etc that gets a little ugly.  So I've kind of given up on that plan.  But if you are interested and want to try to bring that consistency to the point ontology, let me know and we can work on it.

There is a lot of different ways to go with modeling the typical children points under equipment.  What I've done to try and limit combo explosions is to pick an example for tags such as phase or stage (with tools then letting you select other options).  An example of this technique the points under an ac-elec-meter.


Version 3.9.7 (3 Oct 2019)

  • Cleanup relationship defs
  • Make containedBy, contains relationships, not associations
  • Add accumulate marker for normalization
  • Use produces instead of supplies for equip level functionality
  • Finish elec-meter points
  • Finish actuator points
  • Finish ahu points/tags: freezeStat, heatWheel, faceBypass
  • Finish vav points: reheat, ductArea, perimeterHeat, vavMode
  • Finish boiler points: circ (pipeType)
  • Finish plant points: flue (ductType), mixing
  • Finish tank points
  • Simplify cooling/heating coils taxonomy and add children points

Madhushan Tennakoon Thu 3 Oct 2019

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the update. Does the elecMeterLoad def need to be included in the list of defs or is that under review (or maybe under a different name)?

Link to Haystack 3 documentation: elecMeterLoad


Brian Frank Thu 3 Oct 2019

yeap the load tags are missing, thanks for posting

Cory Mosiman Wed 9 Oct 2019

Hey Brian,

Will there still be the concept of enable cmd, run cmd, and run sensor? I am basing on the State of Utah Haystack Tagging Reference. For example

Haystack 3 | Haystack 4

  • discharge air fan run cmd | discharge fan run state point?
  • discharge air fan run sensor | discharge fan point?
  • ...? | discharge fan enable state point

Has the equivalent of a run sensor been ported to Haystack 4? Is a cmd and state point equivalent in Haystack 4?

Thanks for all the hard work!

Brian Frank Wed 9 Oct 2019

Has the equivalent of a run sensor been ported to Haystack 4? Is a cmd and state point equivalent in Haystack 4?

I have not ported the prose documentation, but the points are in the ontology. For example see children section of motor.

Note I added the state tag as part of my effort to try and model "control phenomenon".

Also note that I am not expanding every combination of sensor/cmd. For example motor's points are listed as:

run state point
enable state point

This implies the sensor/cmd/sp choice is made later (in tool or on your own). The alternative would be list points like this:

run state sensor point
run state cmd point
enable state sensor point
enable state cmd point

But I think it would add too much noise to the docs.

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