The following is a sampling of real world sites modelled in Haystack. These datasets are not prescriptive and may not follow the tagging specification perfectly. But as actual sites, they provide solid examples as a recipe for modeling your own buildings. These sites also provide excellent open source datasets for others to analyze and use for software testing.

Non-standard tags from the sites are included in the datasets. Custom tags are encoded as a nested dict via the "custom" tag on the records which used non-standard tags. These custom tags are included because they provide valuable insight into real world use cases where Haystack may be lacking.

Each of these sites may be downloaded as a grid via one of the standard Haystack formats: Zinc, JSON, Trio, Turtle, JSON-LD, or CSV. Or you can use the website to browse the entities and their relationsips.

If you have a building model you wish to donate, please let us know!



Building in Colorado with central plant and VAV system
123 Prarie St, Hugo, CO 80821 (Anonymized)
Donated by BuildingFit
0 Spaces
184 Equips
1842 Points
4 Weather Points



Hospital with steam, hot water, chilled water central plants.
123 Some Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46900 (Anonymized)
Donated by Sitton
8 Spaces
149 Equips
914 Points
4 Weather Points



One tenant's space in a multi-story office building.
123 Some Rd, Troy, MI 48007 (Anonymized)
Donated by Thomas Duke
0 Spaces
52 Equips
562 Points
8 Weather Points