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Data value type


def val
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lib lib:ph



Map of name/value tag pairs


Defines an eumeration of string key names


Two dimension table of columns and rows


Ordered list of zero or more values


Associations model ontological relationships between definitions


Defines one or more supertypes of a subtyping relationship


Quantities used to measure this phenomenon


Associates quantity as measurement of a phenomenon


This tag is used on the given entity


Tags used with this entity


List of prototypes contained by this entity


List of aspects to flatten into children prototypes


List of this library's dependencies


Defines a preferred unit to be used with a quantity


Scalar is an atomic value kind


Boolean value true or false


Geographic coordinate in latitude/longitude in decimal degrees


Geographic coordinate as C(latitude,longitude)


Current value of a point


ISO 8601 date as year, month, day


ISO 8601 timestamp followed by timezone identifier


Not available used to indicate invalid or missing data


Integer or floating point numbers annotated with an optional unit


Area of a shape or floor space


Measurement of a chiller ability to remove heat measured


Number with a unit of time


Elevation above sea-level of the location


Unitless integer number


Unitless integer indicating the floor's distance from ground level


Stage number of staged equipment operation such as coil or pump


Current priority level for writeVal as number between 1 and 17


Original year of construction as four digit year such as 1980


Inclusive maximum for a numeric value


Inclusive minimum for a numeric value


Reference to an entity


Air flows from the referent to this entity


Blowdown water flows from the referent to this entity


Chilled water flows from the referent to this entity


Condensate flows from the referent to this entity


Condenser water flows from the referent to this entity


Device which controls a monitors this entity


Domestic water flows from the referent to this entity


Electricity flows from the referent to this entity


Reference to equip which contains this entity


Fuel oil flows from the referent to this entity


Gasoline flows from the referent to this entity


Hot water flows from the referent to this entity


Defines the unique identifier of an entity in system using a ref value type


Makeup water flows from the referent to this entity


Natural gas flows from the referent to this entity


Associates a device which communicates on specific a network


Refrigerant flows from the referent to this entity


Reference to site which contains the entity


Reference to space which contains this entity


Steam flows from the referent to this entity


Reference to parent meter which is immediately upstream of this meter


Reference to weather station for to use this entity


Singleton for remove operation


Unicode string of characters


Error description when curStatus indicates error condition


Status of point's current value reading


Display name for an entity


Documentation in simplified flavor of markdown


Defines an eumeration of string key names


Filename extension such as "csv"


Haystack filter string


Free form street address


Geographic city or locality name


Geographic country as ISO 3166-1 two letter code


Geographic subdivision of US state


Geographic postal code


State or province name


Geographic street address and name


Error description when hisStatus indicates error condition


Indicates the way that history data is collected for a point


Status of point's history collection or synchronization


Kind name used before Haystack 4.0 to identity data types


Mime type formatted as type/subtype


Phase measurement in a three-phase electrical system


Primary function of building as US Energy Star key


Timezone identifier from standard timezone database


Unit identifier from standard unit database


Version string formatted as decimal integers separated by a dot


Error description when writeStatus indicates error condition


Current status of a writable point output


Symbol to a def


Choice specifies an exclusive marker selection


AHU delivery method of conditioned air to the zone


Ability of air handling equip to adjust volume of air flow


Design type of the ATES underground system


Primary mechanism of chiller


Open or closed loop for condenser working fluid


Processed used to cool a substance


Ductwork configuration


Cold, hot, or neutral deck


Equipment section of ductwork


Models one of the primary functions of an equipment type


Equipment conveys a substance or phenomenon


Equipment removes heat from a substance


Equipment removes moisture from air to decrease humidity


Equipment heats a substance


Equipment heats a substance previously cooled or heated


Equipment adds moisture to air to increase humidity


Equipment moves a substance


Equipment produces a substance or phenomenon


Equipment regulates the flow of substance or phenomenon


Equipment stores a substance or phenomenon


Equipment brings fresh outside air into a space


Processed used to heat a substance


Classifies a meter as a main site meter or submeter


Equipment section of piping


Plant piping loop


Classifies the point as a sensor, command, or setpoint


Quantity the point senses or controls


What the point senses or controls


How does the VAV pull in air


How does VAV modulate the temp based on duct pressure


Create a new definition bound to the given symbol


Extends the given definition with additional meta tags


Expected value type of a collection, reference, or choice


Specifies the inverse of an association or relationships


Ref tags used to model entity-to-entity relationships


The entity is logically contained by the referent


Entities logically contained by this entity


The entity inputs a substance from the referent


The entity outputs a substance to the referent


ISO 8601 time as hour, minute, seconds


Universal resource identifier


Base URI for normalizing relative URIs


Hyperlink to the subject's page on Wikipedia


Current desired value to write to output


Extended string - type name and string value encoding


Time span as modeled encoded as XStr