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Symbol to a def. Symbol values are ASCII strings limited to the following chars: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underbar, colon, dash, dot. See Kinds chapter.




Data value type


Scalar is an atomic value kind



Choice specifies an exclusive marker selection


AHU delivery method of conditioned air to the zone


Ability of air handling equip to adjust volume of air flow


Design type of the ATES underground system


Primary mechanism of chiller


Open or closed loop for condenser working fluid


Processed used to cool a substance


Ductwork configuration


Cold, hot, or neutral deck


Equipment section of ductwork


Models one of the primary functions of an equipment type


Equipment conveys a substance or phenomenon


Equipment removes heat from a substance


Equipment removes moisture from air to decrease humidity


Equipment heats a substance


Equipment heats a substance previously cooled or heated


Equipment adds moisture to air to increase humidity


Equipment moves a substance


Equipment produces a substance or phenomenon


Equipment regulates the flow of substance or phenomenon


Equipment stores a substance or phenomenon


Equipment brings fresh outside air into a space


Processed used to heat a substance


Classifies a meter as a main site meter or submeter


Equipment section of piping


Plant piping loop


Classifies the point as a sensor, command, or setpoint


Quantity the point senses or controls


What the point senses or controls


How does the VAV pull in air


How does VAV modulate the temp based on duct pressure


Create a new definition bound to the given symbol


Extends the given definition with additional meta tags


Expected value type of a collection, reference, or choice


Specifies the inverse of an association or relationships


Ref tags used to model entity-to-entity relationships


The entity is logically contained by the referent


Entities logically contained by this entity


The entity inputs a substance from the referent


The entity outputs a substance to the referent