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#837 Haystack Labs Standing WG

Cory Mosiman Wed 8 Jul 2020

This post is primarily a formalization of the 832 post to establish a standing working group dedicated to identifying & prioritizing future requirements for the Project Haystack community.

Cory Mosiman Thu 9 Jul 2020

For those looking to get things kicked off, I plan on having our first meeting the week of July 20th. Please make sure to join the working group, as I will send out a Doodle poll for scheduling probably early next week (and will need emails!). I will then also add you to the Google Drive where the schedule, meeting minutes, and group documents will be hosted.

Looking forward to it!

Matt Steen Wed 21 Jul 2021


I've revived this working group and will be scheduling a recurring bi-weekly meeting for Wed, Aug 4, 9-10 MT for us to start working again. A small group of us from the last meeting in March met this morning to reorganize and prioritize objectives (sorry if I left you off the invite).

If you're an existing member, please let me know here or via email if you'd like to continue your involvement in the group.

New members are welcome to join. Please see for background.


Nick Gayeski Thu 28 Jul 2022

Hi all, I am working with the organizing committee for Haystack Connect and we plan to have a series of working group updates. The conference is virtual and taking place between September 13-15, 2022.

Is there anyone on your WG willing and able to present a good update of the latest activity, or the latest thinking, of your working group for the broader community? This is a good way to get more people engaged and to bring new ideas to the forefront. If you see this as a good opportunity to engage the community, please submit an abstract here to speak at the conference:

Hiroko Masuda Thu 13 Jul 2023

Have there been any updates regarding this working group?

Matt Steen Fri 14 Jul 2023

@Hiroko Masuda it's not common practice to maintain updates here. Instead, they're shared with the forum separately. However, I've summarized below. Looks like you've joined, so I will add you to the bi-weekly meetings.

  1. Attributes Proposal
  2. TAG PROPOSAL | elec | heatPump | volt
  3. TAG PROPOSAL | compressor | mech | serviceFactor
  4. TAG PROPOSAL | system and others
  5. TAG Proposal | Portfolio, Campus + more

Georgios Grigoriou Fri 14 Jul 2023

Can I also be added to the bi-weekly meetings please ? Thanks

Matt Steen Wed 13 Dec 2023

I've stepped down as the Champion for this WG so I can devote more time to other projects. Thanks for everyone's contributions and help. Please let Brian Frank know if you'd like to take over leading the group.

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