#803 Open haystack dataset

Nik Patel Tue 14 Apr

Hi everyone, I am curious if there are open source datasets tagged using haystack taxonomy. I want to research and study how to auto apply tags based on Bacnet object, name description and building hierarchy.

Thank you, Nik

Cory Mosiman Wed 15 Apr

Hey Nik - the only ones I am aware of are the ones from the brick-examples repo.

Nik Patel Thu 16 Apr

That is the only one I know as well. Hoping there are more datasets out there.

Brian Frank Mon 27 Apr

There are 10,000s of buildings modeled with Haystack. So it seems like we should be able to assemble a really nice repository of datasets.

I propose to re-task WG 553 to solicit the community to collect these datasets. Once we start to build up a nice library of datasets we can look to enhance the website to provide some nice browsing tools.

There are all sorts of different things we could collect for community datasets, and maybe that can be first thing the WG discusses. But I would imagine these are the three most important:

  1. Example Zinc/JSON files of real world buildings, equip, and points.
  2. Example of BAS point names to Haystack tags which could be used for ML projects and tools to help auto-map point names to tags
  3. Mapping of vendor specific application controllers to Haystack tagged points

Operational data would be really nice to have too (historized data). But I suspect that will be harder to get.

Since Haystack has largely been a commercial endeavor vs academic, it seems that organizations have been reluctant to share data. But sharing this data will only make the community more vibrant and will lead to many new tools.

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