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Patrick Coffey Wed 25 Oct 2017

Is there community interest in building a best practice model example? A resource hosted on the website or included in reference server implementations may help with training and adoption.

We'd need to:

  • Try to show as many examples of tagging and refs as practical across all domains
  • Host in standardised file formats (zinc or json)
  • Be as self describing as possible



Greg Ingram Thu 26 Oct 2017

This would be something I've been looking for.


John Petze Thu 26 Oct 2017

I would be interested in participating in a working group on this. In fact I have started a document that provides a detailed overview of how Haystack tags would be applied to a typical project consisting of the following:

Electric meters: Main meter, HVAC submeter, lighting submeter, a plug load submeter Gas meter Lighting circuits: main lights and parking lights Rooftop HVAC Units: RTU-1 and RTU-2

My plan was to utilize our company's demonstration database which provides a fully implemented example of Haystack tags from the Site to Equipment to Points and their data. I viewed the work I was doing as a way to answer the question "Ok I have read about Haystack and get the concepts, now how would I apply it to a project".

I was not planning to get into technical software details like JSON formats, implementation of the Haystack API in a software product etc. But that could be a logical chapter in an expanded document.

I would be happy to discuss more offline or if either of you are ready to start a working group I will join and offer what I have developed.

Greg Ingram Thu 26 Oct 2017

@John Petze What is the best way to contact you offline? I wouldn't mind a friendly introduction and brief thoughts. Thx

John Petze Fri 27 Oct 2017

Reach me at [email protected]

Patrick Coffey Mon 30 Oct 2017

I'll start a working group and we can go from there.

Patrick Coffey Mon 30 Oct 2017

So only an Admin can start/tag a Working Group. I'm happy to be champion if an admin will tag it for me. :)

Matthew Giannini Mon 30 Oct 2017

Hi Patrick - I just converted this to a working group (and you are the champion). Thanks for heading this effort up!

John Petze Mon 30 Oct 2017

Thanks Matthew. For those of you interested email me at [email protected] and I will share the link to the google doc I have been working on.

John Petze Fri 3 Nov 2017

Hello Working Group members.

I have completed my first draft of the document. The current version accomplishes the initial goal I set out with, which was to show the application of Haystack tagging to a sample project with a 1 Site, 1 Equipment, and 1 Point associated with that equipment.

Its ready for comment on the draft AND suggestions for additional topics/sections of the document.

If you do not have access to the shared Google doc email me at [email protected].

John Petze Mon 27 Nov 2017

With one major holiday behind us I thought I would reach out to the members of the working group for comments on the current draft of reference implementation document. If you do not have the link to the Google share document email me at [email protected]

Patrick Coffey Wed 29 Nov 2017

Hi John,

I've been swamped also recently. I'll review again an provide some comments within the next day.

John Petze Mon 11 Dec 2017

Hi All, I wanted to let the group know that there has been a significant round of review and edits to the paper. Please try to review. Unless the working group has other significant input I would plan to finalize the paper and release it to the community this month.

Thanks for everyone that provided input.

Qinpeng Wang Mon 15 Jan 2018

Hi all, I'm new to Haystack, but after learning from John's working doc, I did a minimal example of an ahu (with some common points) and a vav box associated with it. Can I share with someone in this WG, so he/she can edit and publish here?


John Petze Mon 15 Jan 2018

I hope that others on this group that have more detailed working knowledge can help Qinpeng. He offered some good comments and questions to the paper. Some of which I could not answer. Qinpeng if you can offer it as a Google doc you can share it with the WG members.

I would also like to propose to the members of the Working Group that we publish the current version of the paper so that a wider group can have access and make comments. (I would make it a downloadable Word doc.)

At this point the comments I am getting fall into two categories:

  • Some would like to see the paper go into more detailed technical examples - for example the full tagging example from a actual comprehensive project.
  • Other are concerned that there may be too much detail in the current paper.

Mt assessment is we have a good initial document that achieves our goals we initially set out, we should publish so it is available to the community and the working group should consider a "second chapter that does go into greater detail.

Qinpeng Wang Mon 15 Jan 2018

@John, I agree with you, let's publish the current document once you and Patrick finalize, and have a second chapter to go into greater details.

For those of you interested in editing my minimal example of an ahu (with some common points) and a vav box, please email me at wqp.gatech at and I will share the link to the google doc.


Patrick Coffey Tue 16 Jan 2018

Hi John,

My original intention was to produce a fully tagged reference model. I'm happy to work on some more in depth supporting documentation along these line after we release this initial simple example.


Pun Mum Mon 5 Feb 2018


Is this document published ? If yes, can you please post a link to the document for others to refer ?


Patrick Coffey Mon 5 Feb 2018

We're working on 2 items:

  1. A document on implementing a data model for a sample building. There has been lots of activity on it recently. It's almost at a stage for a wider review.
  2. A more in depth example of tagging different equipment and points in a building. It's early stages at the moment.

Pun Mum Mon 5 Feb 2018

Thanks Patrick for the update. When can this document be available for wider review?

REGIS RAVALEC Thu 8 Feb 2018

I am also inessed by this publication. I note that some governance and help is essential on the field to ensure later inetroperability. An approach and some examples are welcome. Thank you

John Petze Thu 8 Feb 2018

Thanks for your interest. We are very close to release. Hopefully within a week to 10 days.

Pun Mum Mon 19 Feb 2018

Hi John, Is document released ? If yes, please share the link. Thanks !

Patrick Coffey Mon 19 Feb 2018

We're at a final review stage. We plan on releasing this week.

John Petze Wed 21 Feb 2018

The Reference Model Working Group is excited to release their work. We believe it will be a great benefit for people getting started with Haystack. The first released version of the document entitled Implementing Project Haystack Applying Haystack Tagging for a sample building can be found at this link

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this document!

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