#796 Purpose of protocol - Haystack 4

Hareesh Reddy G.M Thu 19 Mar

Hello Brian,

I want to know the purpose of protocol and exactly about mqtt which is under protocol list in page https://project-haystack.dev/doc/index-protocol.

Here will it just act as a Tag to be associated to device which uses MQTT protocol or is there any MQTT library included in Haystack builds, so that we can use it with out any external configurations.

Can you please explain the usecase of this protocol and mqtt tags mentioned in below reference page


Brian Frank Thu 19 Mar

Its strictly just to define terms to indicate protocols when modeling network connectivity. We started modeling networks a little here, but its also come up in data center modeling and gateway/controller/device modeling.

That said, MQTT can be used pretty easily with Haystack data because its more of a transport only protocol. So its easy to send around Haystack encoded data using Zinc, JSON, etc

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