1. Intro
  2. TagModel
  3. Structure
  4. TimeZones
  5. Units
  6. Grids
  7. Filters
  8. Zinc
  9. Json
  10. Trio
  11. Csv
  12. Rest
  13. Ops
  14. Auth
  15. VFDs
  16. Networks
    1. Overview
    2. Devices
    3. Networks
    4. Connections
  17. Energy
  18. Zones
  19. AHUs
  20. VAVs
  21. UnitaryEquips
  22. Chillers
  23. Boilers
  24. Tanks
  25. ElecPanels
  26. Lighting
  27. Builds
  28. Bacnet
  29. ChangeLog
  30. License
VFDs Energy



The following diagram illustrates how we model devices, networks, and communication connections between devices:



The device tag models a physical device. Devices include servers, area controllers, field controllers, etc.


The network tag models a network. Networks are used to setup logical connections between devices.


Device-to-device communication is modeled using a connection with the following tags:

As a general principle if a device sits "higher" in the network architecture, then it should be tagged with device1Ref. For example given a connection between a server and area controller, then the server should be device1Ref and and the area controller should be device2Ref. In peer-to-peer networking, this distinction should not matter.

VFDs Energy