#775 New quantity tag: 'mass'

Jay Herron Tue 7 Jan

Hi, I'd like to propose the following quantity tag:

def: ^mass
is: ^quantity
prefUnit: ["kg","lb"]
wikipedia: `https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass`
doc: "Mass is a property of a body of matter and a measure of its resistance to acceleration"

The tag use cases include:

  • Tons of CO2 emitted
  • Pounds of garbage created
  • kg of steam used
  • Mass of a growing organism

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Matthew Giannini Tue 7 Jan

Hi Jay - you beat me to the punch, but I think this proposal might make sense to address as part of the Greenhouse Gas Working Group I just proposed. Do you agree? If so, please join the group and we will definitely make this a topic for discussion related to units.

Jay Herron Wed 8 Jan

Ah ha! Sure, I'd be happy to include this with the greenhouse gas working group. I'll run over there and join.


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