#770 Clarify "virtual equip entity"

Josiah Johnston Fri 13 Dec 2019

The documentation mentions "virtual equip entity" in passing in two key places (point & Structure), but lacks any further explanation of how to define equip as "virtual" or examples of appropriate use cases. Can someone please clarify?

The documentation for equip states it "...can also be used to model a logical grouping such as a chiller plant." Is this logical grouping an example of "virtual equip"?

Thanks in advance, Josiah

Brian Frank Mon 16 Dec 2019

Its not really a formally defined concept per se. The rule in Haystack 3 is that all points should be contained by an equip entity. In some cases this requires creating an equip which might not correspond to a physical piece of equipment. A classic example would be the building's occupancy schedule.

Now in Haystack 4 we have a first class notion of spaces and the idea is that points could be parented by a space and not an equipment (or by a space and an equip). That permits more flexibility, but I don't know of any vendors who have officially tooled their UI for that design yet (we have not).

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