#566 Definition of an area within a building

Patrick Coffey Wed 6 Dec 2017

I've been working on a reference model lately, and I need to ask the how the community models a level of a commercial building. For instance, I have a water meter that is located on level 2 of a commercial building. How can you add this information ino a haystack model?

To date we've been solving this by extending haystack by adding 2 additional tags. space (marker) a primary or root tag that denotes an area within a building or site. spaceRef (ref) used with equip to reference a space entity, that denotes the equipment is located in that space. We also use dis and primaryFunction with the space entity, to define "level 2" and "office" data.

I release technically you could use site and siteRef, but it seemed counter intuitive for us to nest site entities.

Stephen Frank Thu 7 Dec 2017

We've been doing the same (space and spaceRef) and putting space into the navigation hierarchy. Others use floor and floorRef. (The reason we didn't is that we're actually referencing down to single rooms.)

There's been interest in creating a working group around this, but I don't see one yet. (I think there are some other major efforts to get through before we tackle this one as a community.)

Brian Frank Thu 7 Dec 2017

Although it hasn't been formalized yet, there seems to be a general consensus and direction on the problem domain using the BIM terminology "zone" and "space" where zone is an equipment view of physical space and "space" is the human view (wings, floors, rooms, etc).

So in the meantime, I think your use of space and spaceRef is probably the preferred solution.

Regarding WG, I think 530 is probably the best group. But I am not aware of any progress on that front.

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