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#530 BIM/Haystack Working Group

Chris Renter Fri 1 Sep 2017

Today, most of design and operational data semantic modeling requires a manual, labor intensive process to "map" the data before value creation can begin. Pragmatic use of naming conventions and taxonomies can make it more cost effective to analyze, visualize, and derive value from our design and operational data.

Bridging common BIM IFC classes with the Haystack convention is the focus of the group to enhance Haytack capability to work with BIM data. This working group would specifically address Project Haystack and the potential to integrate Haystack data modeling with the BIM standard to streamline the hand off of essential facility data from the design/retrofit/construction phase to the operational phase of a building's life.

Please join as this is an exciting opportunity to advance Haystack capability to new areas of connection and value!

Gerrit Kraal Wed 10 Apr 2019

Good Initiative on bridging BIM to Haystack, but could one of you inform me what the status is on this. or where to find info on this?

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