#555 Humidity related tags

Paul Quinn Fri 27 Oct 2017

I've been working lately on rules that monitor humidity in some buildings with tight controls for high end woodwork and murals. These buildings both humidify and dehumidify depending on the season. There are only two humidity related tags in the current model: humidifier and humidity. The humidity tag on a set point is not descriptive enough. I'm finding that I need two additional tags to properly model points related to humidifying and dehumidifying. I would like to propose two additional tags: humidify and dehumidify. These tags would be used to identify humidify and dehumidify set points and can also be used on a Boolean point to indicate mode when a system is trying to dehumidify. Knowing a system is in dehumidify mode is import to not trigger a simultaneous heating and cooling spark when the chilled water and hot water valves are open at the same time during dehumidification.

I'm open to any other tagging approach that will achieve the same goals. I've implemented this tagging model in several buildings and it seems to work quite well.

Chad Ruch Mon 27 Jan 2020

Looks like this needs some contribution and discussion. Here are my thoughts:

All sensors/points that read humidity in %RH will use the humidity tag. All of these are currently defined in the protos section, but I added sensor to all of them except weather air humidity sensor point, which already included it:

discharge air humidity sensor point
exhaust air humidity sensor point
flue air humidity sensor point
inlet air humidity sensor point
mixed air humidity sensor point
outside air humidity sensor point
return air humidity sensor point
weather air humidity sensor point
zone air humidity sensor point

Humidification/dehumidification equipment tags:

humidifier equip
dehumidifier equip

All humidification/dehumidification equipment that must be enabled, commanded, or reports a status will use the humidifier or dehumidifier tags:

humidifier enable state point
humidifier run state point
humidifier point
dehumidifier enable state point
dehumidifier run state point
dehumidifier point

All humidification/dehumidification setpoints will use the humidify or dehumidify tags to describe their action to accomplish the control process:

discharge air humidify sp point
discharge air dehumidify sp point
return air humidify sp point
return air dehumidify sp point
zone air humidify sp point
zone air dehumidify sp point

Note: The humidification/dehumidification setpoints could include
occupancy states to further describe the setpoints and the effective
setpoint for the control process.

As for describing the humidification/dehumidification mode the equipment is in, this will need a tag like vavMode, but I believe this should be discussed here: "mode" tag

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