#469 "mode" tag

Denis OConnor Mon 13 Feb

Haystack uses the “mode” concept with the vavMode tag.

I found an ahuMode tag useful on a current project that reports enumerated strings such as Auto, Heat, Morning Warmup, Cool, Night Purge, Pre-Cool, Off, Test, Emerg Heat and Fan Only. Has anyone considered expanding the vavMode concept to include other points reporting Enumerated Strings such as boilers, chillers and air handlers?

  • boilerMode
  • chillerMode
  • ahuMode

Brian Frank Tue 14 Feb

Good idea, but a group would need to put together a proposal for those enumerations which we think were used across all AHUs, chillers, etc. I would think that part might be kind of hard to standardize

Christian Tremblay Tue 14 Feb

It will be hard to find something that fits every manufacturers... Some will use different terms... others will choose different enum values for the same state... (ex. occupied = 0 for some, = 1 for others...)

I would suggest taking the "custom" approach... where someone could create "facets" based on the specific controller being monitored. Then those facets could be used by haystack to give a name to the different enum states.

Denis OConnor Tue 14 Feb

I agree that a standard enum list is not feasible. Even a simple fcu may have different enumerations between manufacturers.

Maybe the most efficient way to handle enumerated points is with a "flag" pointing to a "facet" instead of creating a mode "tag".

Leroy Simms Wed 15 Feb

The terminology and enum value used by every manufacturer is no boudt very different, however often the actual definition of the modes are very similar. I wonder if we could make a standardized list of modes and provide a tag that contains the information to translate the point facet mode to the standardized mode?

Denis OConnor Wed 15 Feb

As I look at the different manufacturer's "objects" and descriptions of enumerations, it appears that they use the terms "status", "state" and "mode" interchangeably. Am I missing something? Is there a technical difference between these terms?

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