#545 Examples of TagKinds in JSON, Zinc and CSV format

Greg Ingram Sat 30 Sep 2017

Anyone have any detailed examples of the different TagKinds (Number, Extended String, Grid, etc.) in the different formats?

The project documentation lacks in this area and would be nice to see different examples.

Thanks in advance.

Brian Frank Sun 1 Oct 2017

There is an example of each literal type in the docs for both Zinc and JSON. Plus more detailed examples for how nesting of data structures work. The only tricky one is DateTime which actually has a separate sub-section in Zinc with all the various flavors

Greg Ingram Sun 1 Oct 2017


Yup, those pages are very helpful. I believe I didn't do a good job on my post/question. I mentioned TagKinds, but I'm really looking for examples of the format others have captured for Operations and what the TagKinds look like in those examples.

Being able to see examples of real data would be helpful...

  1. Where it might be a little confusing in the docs seeing 1 example for each TagKinds/Operations and
  2. Use those different examples to test in parser/generators to have better confidence their implementation is protocol compliant.

BTW... I think the docs could be improved with some of the Operations like Watch Sub/Unsub/Poll, PointWrite, etc. Once I have a better understanding, I wouldn't mind helping with examples. Just need to understand a little more :)

Greg Ingram Mon 9 Oct 2017

Just wanted to ping again to see if anyone had some examples. For example, do you have a large Zinc versus CSV versus JSON file with data similar to what is shown on https://project-haystack.org/doc/Csv?

Thanks in advance.

Brian Frank Mon 9 Oct 2017

It sounds like maybe you are implementing your own client and/or server? In that case I think probably the best option might be to use one of the open source projects as a reference. For example the Java Haystack toolkit has a pretty extensive test suite including Zinc, JSON, etc tests. It also has a complete test server you can run and perform all those queries against (read, sub, unsub, etc). Or if you are working with a specific vendor use an actual project. Plus we are probably going to make this site itself a test server pretty soon

Greg Ingram Mon 9 Oct 2017

Correct, I'm working on a few connection APIs. I plan to post a link to them once I feel they are up to par during testing.

I look forward to the test server once released.


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