#495 Haystack Connect - Working Groups

Matthew Giannini Mon 5 Jun

Hello everyone! When the Project Haystack community got together at Haystack Connect (2017), we had a working group as one of our sessions to discuss priorities for Project Haystack. A major outcome of that working group was that many members of the community volunteered to champion the development of a tagging model for several important areas. This post will briefly summarize the working groups that were identified during this meeting and their champions.

Hopefully you also noticed that we have introduced the ability to better track working groups and their progress on the Project Haystack website. Please see this post for details.

Working Groups

  • Data Centers
    • Ron Synder
  • Solar Power:
    • Michelle Slovensky
  • BIM/IFC into Haystack
    • Mark Hauenstein
  • Unitary Equip
    • Eric Loew
  • Fume Hoods
    • Gabe Sandoval
  • Chiller Plant Enhancements
    • Sean Stackhouse
  • Zone/Spaces/Floors
    • Mark Hauenstein
  • Radiant heating/cooling
    • Michelle Slovensky
  • Flow Modeling
    • Karine Lavigne
  • Example Site
    • Alper √úzmezler
  • Thread Integration
    • Alper √úzmezler
  • Access Security
    • Justin Tashker

I will be emailing the champions offline and encourage them to make forum posts introducing their working groups at which time we will "promote" them to official working groups. Please keep an eye out on the forum for these working groups if one (or more) of them are of particular interest to you.

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