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#492 New Data Center Tag Working Group

Ron Snyder Wed 24 May

Good afternoon,

We are looking to create a working group to propose new tags for data centers. Anyone interested in joining this group?

Thanks! Ron Snyder

John Petze Fri 26 May

We had a working group meeting at Haystack Connect and a number of people volunteered to lead groups for various application areas. The results, along with some enhancements to the site to support working groups will be published shortly (next week most likely). Thanks for your interest. You will have an opportunity to contribute.

Alper √úzmezler Fri 26 May

I would like to join in. Send me a message on where we can join.

kathiresan rajagopal Mon 5 Jun


Matthew Giannini Mon 5 Jun

I just promoted this post to a working group. If you would like to join the group just click the Join Group button below.

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