#349 Niagara 4 Haystack Service

Brandon Fowler Tue 8 Dec 2015


Is there a haystack service in niagara 4? I see the tag models but I'm not sure about the service. Should everything just work or is there a different step involved in getting the service up?

Best, Brandon

Mike Jarmy Wed 9 Dec 2015

The next release, which is coming very soon, will support it. The bulk of the work is already done, and we are now doing field testing.

Brandon Fowler Wed 9 Dec 2015

Would you like me to do any field testing? I have a pretty basic use case using a django installation that polls every so often to do a sort of extended history db. Would be happy to report any issues.

Best, Brandon

Mike Jarmy Wed 9 Dec 2015

I think we are good as far as the beta testing we are doing. That does sound like a very interesting setup though.

One thing that you are immediately going to run into with N4 is that Tridium's authentication mechanism is completely different now. Tridium does provide a Java source code example of how to do authentication from the client-side against their new SCRAM-based algorithm. Look in /dev/authClientExample inside the big 4.1 installer zip file.

You will have to port that to python. That's something that you can go ahead and do now just to be sure that you can log in -- just try to fetch some html against a vanilla station.

Bryan Upperman Mon 28 Mar 2016

Has this ever been released for N4 yet?

John Petze Tue 29 Mar 2016

Controlco recently announced availability of a Haystack interface for N4. You can find their announcement here:

Christian Tremblay Tue 29 Mar 2016

The announcement talks about a driver that export data to Skyspark. Does every other features (haystack Rest API) is implemented in this module ?

Richard McElhinney Wed 30 Mar 2016

The "official" open source Niagara 4 nhaystack module is currently being worked on. Between the team at J2 Innovations (thanks to Jason and his guys for continued support of this project) and myself we are working towards a release. There have been a couple of beta sites and these have thrown up some issues we are trying to iron out.

This project is open source and you can see the current public/published status at the BitBucket repo.

However, please be aware that if you choose to clone and build the N4 version currently published that it may not be 100% compatible with the final release.

Part of our deliberations include deciding the best module structure to use and the runtime profiles best suited to this module.

When we have finalised this and moved things forward I will update this forum, we're hoping it to be soon.

Apologies for the delay!

Christian Tremblay Fri 6 May 2016

@Richard : Is this branch the latest ? https://bitbucket.org/jasondbriggs/nhaystack/branch/n4

I'd like to begin some preliminary test for pyhaystack...

Jason Briggs Sat 7 May 2016

Yes, but we are still working on it. So try it out, but it will be changing

Christian Tremblay Mon 9 May 2016

What is the direction of the N4 implementation ? Will the servlet "serve" the niagara tags ? Will the service add tags in a complete different way than Niagara (duplicating the tagging system)

Will the service be a kind of interface translating haystack op to NEQL requests ?


You also say you're working on it... but the branch is 5 months old. Pretty sure than any test made would be risky as you probably changed a lot in 5 months... Any chance an update being made soon ? Even if it's a WIP... that's the prupose of a dev branch and we could report bugs and help development.

Christian Tremblay Fri 27 May 2016

Any update on this ?

Richard McElhinney Sun 29 May 2016

Hi Christian,

thanks for your patience. I've posted a longer update here.


Sudhir Sharma Tue 24 Jan

Hi, I have Niagara (WorkPlace 4) installed on my system and few drivers/devices configured. I am trying to write code in java to get hook to Niagara platform making use of JAVA SDK/APIs provided by Naigara. But not able to do so. Though I have seen code for modules but not able to find anything which allows me to get access to platform. Can anyone please help in this regard or point me to any sample programs? Thanks, Sudhir

Christian Tremblay Wed 25 Jan

For this, please go to https://www.niagara-community.com/ and you will find all resources in the developer community.

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