#398 Update on nhaystack for Niagara 4.x

Richard McElhinney Sun 29 May 2016

To all interested parties:

Since the last main update by Jason Briggs I have been working with the J2 Innovations team to support the existing nhaystack for Niagara AX and also develop the Niagara 4.x version of nhaystack.

Work has been continuing, albeit a little slowly and for this I apologise, on the Niagara 4.x version. However, with a few other things completed in May I have now been able to spend some quality time on the nhaystack project.

Let me just again take the opportunity to point out and thank Jason and the team at J2 Innovations for their contributions in this area, as many of you would have seen from the public repo at lot of work has already been done, at this point I am mostly just testing all the features and dealing with reported bugs.

nhaystack for N4.x has had some field testing with selected customers and we have had some feedback of bugs and issues. I feel that we are now getting on top of these and are a lot closer to a full public release.

There is one last issue I need to work on, which is our old friend authentication! From my best analysis it seems as if the authentication mechanism previously developed for Niagara 4.0 isn't working in Niagara 4.1 and there is more work required to sort this out.

I will be working with Brian and the J2 team to resolve this as fast as possible.

Once this is done, and I hope to do this over the next week, I will re-post here with a further update and likely make a first public release of the code and modules.

Again, I apologise for the length of time taken to get this out and I thank the community for its patience.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here or offline via email.


Christopher Thomas Mon 6 Jun 2016

Hi Richard:

I wanted to check in and see if you might have any updates on a release date for nHaystack for Niagara 4; or even a near-final release that we could test.

Many thanks,


Richard McElhinney Tue 7 Jun 2016

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your interest. Yes we are very close to a release. I'm just working with Brian Frank and Matt Giannini offline to sort out a reliable authentication method using Basic Authentication.

Once we work through this then things are in good enough shape to release publicly.

I'm working on this as much as I can right now as I know how important it is to the community.

If the authentication issue gets sorted then I'd like to release it this week.

Cheers, Richard

Chris Vintinner Tue 14 Jun 2016

Hi Richard, Any updates?

Richard McElhinney Tue 14 Jun 2016

I've been working offline with Matt Giannini to finalise a reliable authentication mechanism. Matt has put in a fair bit of work on the haystack-java toolkit and this has already been made available.

I've tested what Matt has implemented with Niagara and it all looks good. This did take a bit longer than we had hoped due to the way the Niagara Web Server was responding to the Basic Authentication mechanism setup in the haystack-java toolkit. This is now resolved.

In the future, as Niagara catches up, there will be more authentication mechanisms added but for now we are using Basic Auth as a starting point.

Right now I'm just tidying up the source files and hope to make the N4 version public in the next day or so.

Cheers, Richard

cathy voll Thu 15 Sep 2016

I have tried the new n4 nhaystack module in n4. It looks to function basically the same as it did in ax. N4 allows for the setup of a haystack tag dictionary and it prompts for the import of a file of tags. Is there such a file available for download on this site?

*******ignore...I found the haystack tag dictionary in the haystack palette in n4****

Adam Rohloff Fri 24 Mar

Hi Richard, Where can you find the latest N4 version public nhaystack module? Is the Jason Briggs repository still the ultimate source for the latest?

Thank you

Richard McElhinney Sun 26 Mar

Hi Adam,

the nhaystack for N4 module downloads can be found here:


For the latest software always check my repository, this is where all bug fixes and updates will be done and published to.

Also, if you have any contributions to make please submit them in BitBucket via a Pull Request.

Regards, Richard

Richard McElhinney Sun 26 Mar

@Brian - can you please update the downloads section of this website and add a link for nhaystack for N4?

Thanks, Richard

Matthew Giannini Thu 6 Apr

@Richard - the downloads link has been updated for nhaystack for N4.

Eric Loew Tue 11 Apr


Thanks for all the effort you have put into supporting nHaystack. We have been using the 2.x version of nHaystack on Niagara N4 instances quite successfully and the 1.2.5 version on Niagara AX 3.xx.

Question, is the 2.x nHaystack jar also applicable to 3.x versions of Niagara AX or should we still be using the 1.2.5 version of nHaystack for Niagara AX 3.xx?

Thanks, Eric

Richard McElhinney Tue 16 May

Hi Eric,

sorry I missed the question here.

nhaystack 2.x is for Niagara 4.

nhaystack 1.x is for Niagara AX, going forward I'll have to think about it but as Tridium are only supporting 3.8 for longer term support then I'll probably look at doing the same thing.

Cheers, Richard

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