#118 nHaystack Program Service?

Marshall See Fri 2 Aug 2013

Can you use Niagara Program service to add equip tags and or modify tags in Niagara? I would like to be able to add this to older Niagara sites using program service.

Mike Jarmy Mon 5 Aug 2013

Do you mean via a Program object? Yes, you should be able to do that, though I haven't tried it myself.

Jason Briggs Mon 5 Aug 2013

Mike no he means the program service in Niagara. This service let's you search and find objects, and then make global changes.

I'm pretty sure that the program service will not work. There is no brains in the program service to figure out what to change in the nHaystack slot. If you just want to add the nHaystack slot through the program service this should work, but editing tags will not work.

We will be adding some tool enhancements for these types of functions so stay tunned.

Richard McElhinney Wed 7 Aug 2013


Didn't Mike build in a Field Editor for for BHDict (BHDictFE), that should allow you to add and edit a slot on any component in the Niagara Component Space using the Program Service.

In the Program Service when you add a slot the Workbench should automatically pick up the appropriate Field Editor for the type of slot you are adding.

I haven't tried it myself but logically I don't see why you shouldn't be able to add haystack slots en masse using the Program Service.

Cheers, Richard

Jason Briggs Wed 7 Aug 2013

Richard I tried it today with no luck. Niagara said cannot load the plugin :{

The problem is that if you wanted to say find 10 points that were named SAT with the program service, and then add the discharge tag, and remove the foo tag, Niagara wouldn't know how to make that logic work. So that's why I was saying the Program service wouldn't work.

I think we need a tool that will make this extremely fast, and easy to use. We are working on something, and should have it soon.

Richard McElhinney Wed 7 Aug 2013

No worries, like I said I hadn't tried it. Just thought it was logical but if the plug in can't be loaded then I guess for now it's not possible.

Would be good to get it working through the Program Service as lots of SI's already use that and it's built right into the framework and workbench so we'd already be leveraging people's existing knowledge which is always good when trying to get acceptance.

Did you get a stack trace or error from the Workbench?

Marshall See Tue 1 Oct 2013


Was there any more work or updates on the "program Service Type Tool" to add tags to existing databases as described in the original message.  I have been out of the haystack loop for a while and just getting back. 

Thank you

Jason Briggs Wed 2 Oct 2013

We are working on something right now, but have committed yet. Hopefully will have it soon.

Marshall See Mon 3 Feb 2014

Any update on a haystack program service tool that will make it easier to go back to existing sites to deploy haystack? Thanks

Cory Perdue Wed 29 Jun 2016

+1 - Has there been any progress on this? Thanks

Richard McElhinney Thu 30 Jun 2016

Hi Cory,

thanks for your interest and following up.

Further to Jason's announcement here our main focus has been on the N4 work which I recently announced here.

As such we haven't looked at including any other features...yet. :)

In taking over the project I can't see that this issue has been progressed any further at this time.

I've spoken to a couple of others directly and there are some ideas that are associated with this issue, although not directly.

I'd like to just give it a little more time to make sure the N4 implementation is fully bedded down before taking the next step, but rest assured development hasn't stopped and before too long we will be looking for feedback on where the community would like to take the nhaystack module.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here on the forum or directly via email.


Erik Gatti Wed 28 Jun 2023

Hi Richard, Has there been any progress on this? Thanks

Richard McElhinney Thu 29 Jun 2023

Hi Erik,

There has not been any progress.

If you would like to submit a Pull Request to assist in developing this I would be happy to take a look.

Cheers, Richard

Alper Üzmezler Thu 29 Jun 2023


I have sample code to make the program service work. Let's meet separately. I have the solution.

Erik Gatti Mon 4 Sep 2023

Hi Richard and Alper, Has there been any progress? Thanks

Richard McElhinney Wed 6 Sep 2023

Hi Erik,

No progress has been made. I haven't had a chance to connect with Alper yet.

I've thought about it for a couple of days now since your last post and I'm not sure that what you're after is in the scope of the nhaystack module.

Niagara offers a few different ways for you to automate your tagging and reduce the work load.

Smart tags and Tag Rules can be created to implicitly apply tags to Niagara components.

You could create a Program Object to execute some Java code to add tags in a Station.

Lastly, you could create your own Niagara module with either your own Tag Dictionary or other Niagara Services or Components that could automatically apply tagging for you.

With all of those options is there really a need for something to be added to nhaystack?

If we were to add something what would it be?

Alper Üzmezler Wed 6 Sep 2023

Since it would be harder to integrate to Niagara our mass edit features, we will make a SkySpark view.

In the mean while we are exposing how the extended ops work within a document.


I hope you will enjoy it. :)

It is harder to build with funcs now but we will create SkySpark view framework views so you can easily manage within there.

I need help on couple functions. Like applyGridTags

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