#403 nhaystack for Niagara 4 available

Richard McElhinney Wed 15 Jun 2016

I'm pleased to announce that (finally!) the first release of the nhaystack module for Niagara 4 is available. The modules can be downloaded from the following link:

Any bugs can be reported here:

The repo is available here:

Please note the following points:

  • Authentication is using Basic Authentication only
  • This has been checked over HTTP and HTTPS
  • It is highly recommended to use HTTPS for connections to a Niagara station
  • I haven't updated the documentation yet for N4 but will look to do so shortly
  • This version has been built and tested with Niagara
  • Earlier versions of Niagara 4 have not been tested
  • All testing has so far focused on the NHaystackService/server functions
  • The NHaystack Network Driver has not been checked yet

I'm looking forward to feedback from the community, particularly if you run into any issues. For now I am particularly looking for feedback on using this with a Jace 8000, so if someone could volunteer to do some testing on the new Jace I'm keen to work with you offline.

Any questions please post here on the forum.

Regards, Richard

Bart Choat Thu 16 Jun 2016


Thanks for all of the hard work that you put into this.

Bart Choat

Eric Loew Tue 21 Jun 2016

I just installed on an upgraded Niagara v4 station. Works great and super easy to install. Thanks!

Christian Tremblay Tue 28 Jun 2016

Excellent news !

David Barrett Wed 13 Jul 2016

Richard, Thanks from me also ... just downloaded n4 nHaystack ... installed it and it works well. Dave

Paul Klingele Thu 14 Jul 2016

I have nhaystack working and responding to browser requests (http://{host}:{port}/haystackabout), which is awesome, but I cannot use Postman with Basic Auth to connect to the Haystack service. Instead, Postman shows me a 401 Authentication failed message. I double checked my credentials, and I use the same password and username in Postman that I used in the browser. I can use the same setup for Postman with Basic Auth to connect to a Niagara AX server with the nhaystack driver and it works.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Is there an N4 setting on the web service or some setting for the user?

I also used the settings for a SkySpark Haystack Connector. When I ping the connector, the error response is

haystack::AuthErr: Missing 'Folio-Auth-Api-Uri' header [302]

Viren Nathoo Wed 3 Aug 2016


Thanks for the nhaystack module.

Is there any documentation on integration of the nhaystack module on n4. I have the service installed but method of tagging has changed. Can you provide brief steps on tagging equips and points?


Richard McElhinney Mon 8 Aug 2016

Hi Viren,

what seems to be the problem? No changes were made to the method of tagging so if something isn't working can you provide some more information?



Paul Klingele Wed 14 Sep 2016

My issue appears to be related to Basic Auth configuration in N4, per https://bitbucket.org/richiemac_77/nhaystack/issues. I'll test when I get the chance.

cathy voll Thu 15 Sep 2016

It appears to me as though nhaystack tagging is not at all integrated with n4 tagging.

An n4 tag search using the haystack namespace will only find tags added using n4, it will not find tags on the nhaystack slot.

I assume that the skyspark connector will only see tags on the nhaystack slot and not ones created using N4 tag edditing.

Am I correct in this?

Does this mean that if you want to use tagging info both within n4 and in skyspark that you would have to tag everything twice?

Rav Panchalingam Fri 6 Oct 2017

hello, is there any docs on how to write to a schedule object (via haystack API) ?

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