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#1070 Working Group for Machine Learning

Jan Široký Thu 8 Jun

Hi, my colleagues and I have been developing various machine learning applications in Haystack-compatible environments (see We have consistently faced challenges in defining machine learning model tags. Questions have arisen, such as how to link a model with a specific point, whether it is possible to define multiple models for one point, and how to reference model-independent variables, among others.

I would like to propose the creation of a working group to help define tags related to machine learning. We will be happy to share our experiences and ideas with the community and collaborate in the process of defining these machine learning tags.

Who in the community would be interested in joining this working group?

Rick Jennings Thu 8 Jun

Hi Jan,

This sounds like a great initiative and I would be interested in joining this working group.

Thanks for setting this up!


Georgios Grigoriou Fri 9 Jun

Hi Jan,

Happy to join the cause and contribute!


Stephen Frank Fri 9 Jun

I am also interested. We have some custom tagging we developed at NREL for this purpose that we can share.

annie dehghani Fri 9 Jun

I would be happy to contribute what we have developed for this purpose as well. Like Stephen, we have developed some custom tagging. It would be great to define this in a more formal and uniform way.

Also, there was an ask at Haystack Connect to help model simulation data, and it occurs to me that there may be a lot of cross over with this group. Maybe this group is open to modelling "simulation" results more broadly whether it's physics-based simulation, machine learning, simple regression etc?

Adam J Wallen Mon 12 Jun

Hi ML Team,

Craig Stevenson and I presented at Haystack Connect and are interested in the possible synergy between physics-based simulations tagging and machine learning tagging. Thanks for the shout-out, Annie!

Thanks, Adam

Jan Široký Fri 16 Jun

Hi Annie,

This is a good point. We can consider referencing simulation data as well. This referencing principle can be applied to both physics-based models and machine learning models.

Thanks, Jan

Jan Široký Tue 20 Jun

Hi all,

I have sent you the invitation for the kickoff meeting scheduled on August 10th at 11 am ET.

Please feel free to share your ideas or requirements with me prior to the kickoff. I will make an effort to incorporate them into the first draft.

Thanks, Jan

Keith Bishoρ Tue 20 Jun

Looking forward to working with this group.

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