Haystack 4.0 Public Review

Posted by Brian Frank – Thu 28 Mar

We are excited to announce the start of the Haystack 4.0 public review. Haystack 4.0 is the culmination of over a year's worth of work by WG 551.

Review Website

Haystack 4.0 includes a brand new website and documentation engine. So for the public review we are going to run the new website and documentation on a different domain - https://project-haystack.dev. We will run this website in parallel to the current website until the review process is complete. The new website has a refreshed look and feel, but will have login and forum disabled.

New Features

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Project Haystack Awards DLR Group for Contributions to Haystack Community at ControlTrends Awards

Posted by Robin Bestel – Tue 12 Feb

Today we announced that we presented DLR Group the Project Haystack Award for their support of the Project Haystack open-source project and adoption of the methodology as an end user, in front of a packed house at the 2018 ControlTrends Awards ceremony held January 13th in Atlanta during AHR Expo 2019.

DLR Group is an integrated design firm with 30 offices around the globe and over 1,200 professionals delivering architecture, engineering, interiors, planning, and building optimization for new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse projects. One of the world’s leading sustainable design firms, DLR Group’s promise is to elevate the human experience through design. This promise inspires sustainable design for a diverse group of public and private sector clients, local communities, and our planet. DLR Group is 100 percent employee-owned and was an early adopter of the Architecture 2030 Challenge, an initial signatory to the AIA 2030 Commitment and the China Accord.

“In the past year we have seen a significant increase in world-wide adoption of the Project Haystack methodology in the building industry, and expanding into smart devices for homes, industrial facilities, factories and agriculture,” said John Petze, Executive Director of the Project Haystack Organization. “We’re pleased to recognize DLR Group’s use of the Haystack methodology of semantic modeling and tagging, implemented through their Building Optimization and High-Performance Design practices.”

DLR Group is utilizing the Project Haystack methodology through smart building design strategies, monitoring-based commissioning, and smart energy management.

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More Sponsors Announced for 2019 Haystack Connect Conference

Posted by Robin Bestel – Mon 14 Jan


Today we announced the addition of four new sponsors for its 2019 Haystack Connect conference: Gold sponsor Kodaro and Silver sponsors BTIB, Intellastar and StackHub.

The two-and-a-half-day long conference includes keynote presentations, a vendor exhibition hall, and a packed schedule of technical sessions covering data acquisition, communications, protocol translation, data visualization, analytics, data semantics, modeling and security—all critical technologies essential to using operational data to drive improved performance.

Scheduled for May 13-15, 2019, the conference will take place at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, California. Haystack Connect sponsorship provides the opportunity to make connections, build name recognition, brand loyalty, reach new customers, and sell products and services to a targeted audience. Sponsorships also include exhibit space in the Haystack Connect Sponsors Showcase.

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Haystack Connections Magazine Winter 2019 is Now Available!

Posted by Robin Bestel – Sun 13 Jan


Project Haystack is excited to announce the publication of the Haystack Connections Magazine Winter 2019 issue – the 5th edition of the magazine. Haystack Connections reports the news from the Haystack community and provides updates on adoption of the Haystack standard by consultants, end users, manufacturers and software developers, and presents stories demonstrating the success of the community as we work together to make device data easier to use across applications of all types.

An official press announcement will be released on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 8:00 AM EST.

The theme of this issue of our Connections Magazine is ‘Enabling the Data Revolution in the Built Environment’. Given the number of projects, events and work in progress by the Haystack community around the world, this seemed an appropriate theme for this issue.

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Join Project Haystack at AHR for "Semantic Tagging Passes an Inflection Point - Understanding Projec...

Posted by John Petze – Wed 2 Jan

On Tuesday January 15 at 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM in room B311, Marc Petock and John Petze of Project-Haystack.org will host an educational session on semantic tagging and Project Haystack.

Since the ASHRAE announcement of BACnet/Haystack/Brick collaboration in March of 2018, there has been a lot of movement on tagging among manufacturers. There is a mix in the level of tagging support each vendor now has for the Haystack library and the BACnet approach, but, there is no pushback regarding the need to support standardized tagging. They are either already doing it, or it is on their roadmap. They all understand this is where the industry is headed as the industry learns to utilize smart device data to reduce operating costs and create value for building owners and operators.

This session will introduce Project Haystack, the open-source initiative which is recognized as the most developed and deployed solution for “marking up” equipment system data. Examples of the use of data tagging in navigation, control, graphics, analytics, and reporting will be covered. The session will also include an overview of the work of the Project Haystack community to advance Haystack tagging as the "markup language" for device data.

Find full details on the session here

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Haystack Connect 2019 Call for Presentations is Now Open

Posted by John Petze – Sat 1 Dec 2018

The technical committee of Project Haystack is excited to announce program topics and open the Call for Presentations for Haystack Connect 2019, taking place May 13-15, 2019 at Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, California.

Haystack Connect is known for the quality of its technical program, which is driven by—YOU—the Project Haystack community. Presentations focus on the real-world challenges in integrating diverse systems and data and are delivered by individuals leading the effort to streamline data interchange through the use of Project Haystack technology.

The technical committee is requesting proposals that address the following topic areas for the 2019 event:

TRACK 1 – Haystack in Practice – Applications of Haystack Tagging in Real World Applications

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Memoori Webinar - The Evolution of Data and Analytics in the Built Environment - Nov 6, 2018

Posted by John Petze – Tue 23 Oct 2018

We are excited to announce that Project-Haystack will participate in a Memoori webinar on November 06, 2018 at 1700 CET | 1100 EST | 0800 PST.

The webinar entitled The Evolution of Data and Analytics in the Built Environment - How Unified Semantic Modeling is Helping Companies Navigate the Sea of Data. The webinar will be moderated by Jim McHale of Memoori and will feature Marc Petock and John Petze of the Haystack organization.

You can register for the webcast at this link

Memoori is a leading analyst in the smart building space focusing on Smart Building Research and Thought Leadership

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It’s Coming… Get Ready for Haystack Connect 2019 - May 13-15 San Diego!

Posted by John Petze – Tue 23 Oct 2018


The Haystack Connect 2019 conference and exhibition, our 4th biennial event, will take place May 13-15, 2019 at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California. The website is live, registration is open, and sponsorships are available at www.HaystackConnect.org!

Haystack Connect provides a unique, open-forum for professionals involved in automation, control and the Internet of Things to learn and share the latest technologies and techniques for connecting systems and utilizing device data in applications including intelligent buildings, energy management, remote monitoring, and other IoT devices and applications.

Attendees include the community of Project Haystack supporters encompassing engineers, developers and other professionals from leading technology suppliers, system integrators and service firms who come together to further advance the state-of-the-art of managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amounts of data generated by today’s IoT devices, smart equipment and systems.

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Call for Contributions to Connections Magazine Fall 2018 Issue

Posted by Robin Bestel – Fri 7 Sep 2018

Project Haystack is excited to announce that the next issue of Connections Magazine is in development and will be published in early January 2019. The Connections Magazine reports the news from the Project Haystack community around the world and provides updates on the development of working groups, new tagging models, reference implementations, complimentary applications, and use case stories from the community working together to make device data easier to use across applications of all types.

Thanks to the Project Haystack community contributions, the Spring 2018 issue of Connections Magazine is over 45 pages of articles, insight, product features, updates on Project Haystack Working Groups, and lots of re-tweets. You can download the Spring 2018 issue of Connections Magazine by clicking here.

We hope the Haystack community from around the world will take this opportunity to contribute an article, a use case, or news item to be included in the Fall 2018 Connections Magazine. We’ll also be checking the social feeds of Haystack member companies for noteworthy tweets and LinkedIn shares. However, it would be great to hear from you directly about what you would like to see reported. To submit your proposed content for the Fall 2018 Issue, contact Robin Bestel, the Editor, at: robin@haystackconnect.org.

Connections Magazine also provides an excellent opportunity for technology suppliers that provide complimentary products, services and applications to reach the Project Haystack Community. With limited advertising space available, reserve your spot early by contact Robin Bestel at: robin@haystackconnect.org.

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New Connections Magazine Editor

Posted by Robin Bestel – Fri 7 Sep 2018


Project Haystack is proud to announce that Robin Bestel is the new Editor of our Connections Magazine. Therese Sullivan, the previous editor, did a great job on our previous issues and we are confident Robin will as well going forward.

We encourage our Haystack Community to support her in creating the next issue of Connections Magazine.

Download the Spring 2018 issue of Connections Magazine

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