Sites – Project Haystack




A site entity models a single facility using the site tag. A good rule of thumb is to model any building with its own street address as its own site. For example, a campus should be modeled with each building as a site, versus treating the entire campus as one site. But not all sites are buildings; a site could be a street light, cell phone tower, etc.


Core tags used with sites:

  • geoAddr: the geographic free-form address of the site (which might include other geolocation tags such as geoCity or geoCoord)
  • tz: the timezone where the site is located
  • area: square footage or square meters of the facility. This enables site normalization by area.
  • weatherStationRef: associate the site with a weather station to visualize weather conditions and perform weather based energy normalization
  • yearBuilt: four digit year in which the building was constructed


Here is an example of a site entity fully tricked out with geolocation tags:

id: @whitehouse
dis: "White House"
area: 55000ft²
tz: "New_York"
weatherStationRef: @weather.washington
geoAddr: "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC"
geoStreet: "1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW"
geoCity: "Washington D.C."
geoCountry: "US"
geoPostalCode: "20500"
geoCoord: C(38.898, -77.037)
yearBuilt: 1792