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Elec Panels

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This chapter covers the modeling of electrical panels, circuits, and electricity flows.

Elec Panel

Electrical panels are modeled by the elec-panel conjunct.

A panel should define the elecRef to reference its upstream source. A site level panel will probably reference the main site meter. Sub-panels typically reference their parent panel via elecRef. In any case, the elecRef tag should always reference the most direct upstream source of electricity.

Here is an example of a electrical panel directly downstream of the main site meter:

id: @main-elec-panel
dis: "Main Elec Panel"
elecRef: @main-meter
siteRef: @site


The circuit tag models an individual electrical circuit. Circuits are used to model meta-data about the electrical circuit such as max load, phase, etc. Circuits also contain the points associated with sensors and breakers. Note these tags have not yet been formalized by Project Haystack.

Circuits should reference their source panel via the elecRef tag. The panel is where the circuit's fuse or breaker is located.

Here is a simple example for an electrical circuit in the panel from above:

id: @circuit-hallway
dis: "Hallway Electrical Circuit"
elecRef: @main-elec-panel
siteRef: @site
spaceRef: @hallway