1. Intro
  2. TagModel
  3. Structure
  4. TimeZones
  5. Units
  6. Grids
  7. Filters
  8. Zinc
  9. Json
  10. Trio
  11. Csv
    1. Overview
    2. Grid Format
  12. Rest
  13. Ops
  14. Auth
  15. VFDs
  16. Networks
  17. Energy
  18. Zones
  19. AHUs
  20. VAVs
  21. UnitaryEquips
  22. Chillers
  23. Boilers
  24. Tanks
  25. ElecPanels
  26. Lighting
  27. Builds
  28. Bacnet
  29. ChangeLog
  30. License
Trio Rest



CSV stands for comma separated values. It is a plain text format commonly used for serialization of tabular data. It is specified in RFC 4180. CSV provides a simple way to get tabular data into other applications such as Excel.

Grid Format

Haystack defines a standard mapping of grids into CSV which is used by the REST API. Due to its simplicity, CSV does not provide full fidelity with the Haystack grid model -- metadata and type information is discarded.

The Grid to CSV mapping is as follows:


// Zinc
ver:"3.0" projName:"test"
dis "Equip Name",equip,siteRef,installed
"RTU-1",M,@153c600e-699a1886 "HQ",2005-06-01
"RTU-2",M,@153c600e-699a1886 "HQ",1999-07-12

// CSV
Equip Name,equip,siteRef,installed
RTU-1,✓,@153c600e-699a1886 HQ,2005-06-01
RTU-2,✓,@153c600e-699a1886 HQ,1999-07-12
Trio Rest