#998 Chilled Water Plants: Modeling flows between pipes

Madhu T Mon 25 Jul


Is there a paradigm for modeling flows between equipment like chillers and cooling-towers? HS4 docs tell us that chilled water plants can be composed of chillers and coolingTowers, each of which can be modeled to have sub-equips like fan-motors and entering/leaving pipes:

My initial assumption was to use chilledWaterRef and condenserWaterRef (within the primary-loop) at the entering-pipes to indicate that fluid is flowing from leaving-pipes in another plant-equip. However, wouldn't that mean this pipe would also need to be a chilled-water-input or condenser-input type so that we can derive the appropriate refs onto the pipes? Pipes don't seem to have any input/output properties today. What is an acceptable workaround, e.g. adding a defx to a pipe proto to give it an input super-type?



Brian Frank Tue 26 Jul

The intention is to model flows exactly as you describe using chilledWaterRef and using as many chilled water pipe segments as you need to model the piping topology to your desired level of detail.

But we haven't quite figured out how to correctly model those pipes explicitly as input/outputs. See the discussion in post 937 for that topic. But in the meantime, it is inferred that a pipe with chilled water tags is both a chilled-water-input and a chilled-water-output.

Madhu T Wed 27 Jul

That should work! Thanks for your comments Brian.

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