#994 Haxall test tooling

Chris Breederveld Tue 21 Jun

Hi all,

I love the initiative to open source the SkySpark core code in the Haxall library, so vendors can easily extend this logic with their own implementation.

However one concern I have is that the JVM requirement and building additional logic with Java or Fantom may hold back some vendors from straight up using it.

It would therefore be useful to make additional libraries available in other popular languages, like C++, C# and Python. However to facilitate that it would be very useful to have a tool that can test the capabilities of such an implementation for both implementation completeness and correctness. Not only for new implementations, but also to implement future changes.

Is there any plan to create such a tool (similar to the W3C Html validator for example) or do you have any other insights on how to make broader adoption more accessible?

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