#987 c# ZincWriter. Line 256

Markus Fritschi Mon 2 May

I compared the Java and c# Version of Zincwriter. in c# i get the Error Message: throw new ArgumentException("Grid has no cols", "grid");

in Java Version there is no Error Message.

When I read the documentation, an Error Message ( a HaystackGrid with empty Data ) should return the empty string.

I think, the Java Version is correct and the Error Message in c# code should be taken out.

Example of an error grid encoded as Zinc:

ver:"3.0" err dis:"Cannot resolve id: badId" errTrace:"UnknownRecErr: badId\n  ...."

Clients must always check for the present of the err grid marker tag to determine if the reponse is an error or a valid result.

Thanks in advance

Jay Herron Tue 3 May

Hey Markus,

Nice investigation and write-up. I'm not the maintainer of that package, but you may have more success getting help if you create an issue on the github repo (or even better, author a pull-request if you're able!)

Good luck!

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