#972 Validating points to the H4 data model (BENEFIT project)

Hali Sanderlin Fri 4 Mar

Hello Haystack Community!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Hali and I have been working on the BENEFIT project on behalf of SkyFoundry.

We are looking for community members to try out the following program and provide feedback on this approach of validating tagged points with the H4 data model: https://github.com/halisaurusRex/benies

Program Description

Taking in a Zinc file of a site with associated points and equipment records, keyed by ID, it is designed to answer the following three questions with regards to matching points with Haystack4 protos:

  • What H4 entityType is my equipment being identified as?
  • Which points are not matched to an existing H4 prototype as tagged?
  • Within a single piece of equipment, are there multiple points that are matching to the same prototype?

I am looking forward to working with this community on this project!

Thank you!

Jerry Weatherhogg Tue 8 Mar

Hali, This is very useful! One question: does the tool only log tag warnings/failures? It'd be useful to see the successes logged too, as well as what the successes are matched to, to confirm the matches are correct.

A tip for anyone using this within a Windows Command Prompt, the results can be easily exported to file by adding " > <filepath>.txt" to the end of the fan benies command.

Hali Sanderlin Wed 9 Mar

Great feedback! We weren't sure if adding it would be too much, so I commented out the code but left it in (line 100 in Main.fan).

I can rebuild the pod and post an updated version that will output both the successes and the protos they are matched with.

Jerry Weatherhogg Thu 10 Mar

Could the benies call have a switch or flag to allow the user to choose to see the successes? Yes, I can see how including them would make for a very long log, so it'd be nice to have the option to see the successes or not.

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