#970 [ANN] Haxall 3.1.3 released

Brian Frank Thu 24 Feb

We have posted the first official release of Haxall that we consider feature complete. Haxall provides a turnkey suite of software for integrating IoT protocols with the Haystack data model.

Key features:

  • Reference implementation of haystack 4
  • Def compiler used for the online defs and HTML documentation
  • Folio database for storing/querying haystack data models
  • Axon scripting language to manipulate Haystack data
  • HTTP API implementation (both client and server)
  • In-memory historization of point data
  • Writable point priority array handling
  • Connector framework
  • Task engine for background processing of async data streams
  • Integration with Docker to run external programs
  • Integration with Python ML stack
  • Simple Axon shell as the browser UI
  • Suite of CLI tools including converters between zinc/trio/json/csv

Haxall includes a broad library of ready to use IoT protocols including:

  • Haystack HTTP (both client and server)
  • MQTT
  • SQL (via JDBC)
  • oBIX (both client and server)
  • Sedona Sox
  • Modbus (both TCP and RTU if you wire up serial APIs)
  • Google Nest
  • Ecobee

And the whole package is only 4 MB! The only requirement is a Java VM.

The setup steps show you how to load the example data sets from this site. You can use Haxall as a simple tool to quickly onboard and explore Haystack datasets.

This release includes a (mostly) complete set of documentation

Jay Herron Sat 26 Feb

Wow, this is awesome Brian! Thanks for sharing. It's been really cool watching this project take shape!

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