#966 Setpoint tagging: booked/vacant and day/night

Martin Schrøder Tue 1 Feb

Hi all,

we want to define temperature setpoints for hotel rooms. Each room should have different setpoints depending on whether the room is booked or vacant and the time of day (day vs. night).

So each room has those four setpoints:

  • booked + day
  • booked + night
  • vacant + day
  • vacant + night

which we would like to properly tag with Haystack tags.

We found the occ and unocc tags; are they suitable to represent a booked vs. vacant hotel room?

Also there is the daytime tag – but that seems to be related rather to weather and sunlight than to room temperature setpoints, so I am not sure whether we should ‘misuse’ it for our use case …?

So, which Haystack tags would you recommend? Any best practices?

Brian Frank Tue 1 Feb

I agree that occ and unocc should be used for booked vs vacant.

There is not any setpoint choice tags for day vs night right now. Since daytime is really a quantity on weather I am not sure it would make sense to reuse that as a setpoint modifier. It might be safer to use something like daySetpoint and nightSetpoint to be explicit.

But maybe others have use cases they can share or a desire to standardize that situation

Leroy Simms Wed 2 Feb

What I have seen for hotel rooms with room controls is setpoints for:

  • Rented Occupied (tightest temperature control)
  • Rented Unoccupied (standby mode level setbacks)
  • Unrented Occupied (minimal conditioning for cleaning crews)
  • Unrented Unoccupied (full setback)

I believe this setpoint configuration is common for room controls which both integrate with the lodging system and track room occupancy with a combination of motion and door sensors. In that scenario a rented or booked tag would be required in addition to the occ and unocc tags.

In the "Unrented" scenarios, I feel a vacant tag could be interpreted as unrented or as unoccupied/empty so I would lean towards an unrented tag or similar.

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