#964 nHaystack (Niagara module) - Hs4 in the nHaystack module

Kristian Rye Wed 19 Jan 2022


I am using Niagara and I am trying to start using tagging and the Haystack dictonary. I can see that some of the tags and relations i want to use is in the documentation for hs4, but the niagara module does not seem to be updated. Is that correct? If so does anyone knows if it will be updated anytime soon? Option is of course to just create my ovn dict for now.

Eric Anderson (Tridium) Fri 21 Jan 2022

The tag dictionary in the current Niagara haystack module is Haystack 3. Tridium is working on a Haystack 4 tag dictionary. We hope to finish it by the end of 2022, however timelines are subject to change. The priority of the features added to the Niagara Framework is customer driven. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to their Niagara provider or Tridium account manager and express their interest in this feature.

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