#963 Building Data for testing, evaluation and analysis in a new DB

Bernd Richter Mon 3 Jan 2022


we are currently develope a new database. Therefore we would like use real building data for test, evaluation and analysis within the new database. Can you help me to find a source where we can find such kind of data ?

Thank you for your help


Brian Frank Mon 3 Jan 2022

You can find example models of real buildings under /example

Samuel Nelson Tue 4 Jan 2022

Is there a way to generate history for points?

Bernd Richter Fri 7 Jan 2022

@Brian Thx for your quick reply. The data people will take a closer look. ;) I reviewed a CSV file and could find the description of the datapoints ( sensors) but I was not able to see real incoming sensor measurement data over time ( for ex. of three month). Do you know if these data is included in the data sets of the buildings ?? Thank you for your support. Bernie

Brian Frank Fri 7 Jan 2022

We have examples for building models, but not historical operational data. Although its something that we have talked about trying to collect and make available too

Ryan Holy Mon 10 Jan 2022

Hi Bernie, Drop us a msg and we can assist. Thx.

Justin Scott Thu 20 Jan 2022

I highly recommend looking through this for raw data:


A lot of research data in different formats and regions.

Bernd Richter Fri 28 Jan 2022

@ Justin : Sorry for the late reply. Real life could be time consuming.. ;) .. Thank you very much for the link. After a first review I found one dataset which might be useful.. will continue to browse through.

Bernd Richter Fri 28 Jan 2022

@ Ryan: as said sorry for the late reply. Sounds great .. how can I get in touch with you ? Bernie

Ryan Holy Fri 4 Feb 2022

Sry. ryan.holy at onboarddata.io

Bernd Richter Mon 7 Feb 2022

Hi Ryan, í‘ve send you an email… :) thx

Ping Yang Tue 8 Feb 2022

Hi Ryan, I also sent you an email for time series data, look forward to hearing from you.

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