#961 nHaystack Version 3.2.0-N4.10.1.36 Drop Fails

Paul Quinn Wed 8 Dec 2021

I'm trying to install the N4.10 signed nhaystack jar files version 3.2.0. Everything appears to install ok and I receive no unsigned module error when I restart the station.

I can open the Niagara palette and drag the NHaystackService to the Services folder and then I get this Drop failed error message:

com.tridium.fox.session.ServerException: javax.baja.xml.XException: Missing module nhaystack [11:4]

at com.tridium.fox.sys.LocalizableExceptionTranslator.messageToException(LocalizableExceptionTranslator.java:102)
at com.tridium.fox.sys.broker.BBrokerChannel.syncToMaster(BBrokerChannel.java:2383)
at com.tridium.fox.sys.broker.BFoxComponentSpace$1.commit(BFoxComponentSpace.java:392)
at javax.baja.sync.Transaction.end(Transaction.java:76)
at com.tridium.sys.transfer.CompToComp.insert(CompToComp.java:689)
at com.tridium.sys.transfer.CompToComp.transfer(CompToComp.java:91)
at com.tridium.workbench.transfer.TransferArtifact$Worker.run(TransferArtifact.java:213)

Any ideas why this would be happening? The jar files are in the modules folder.

Richard McElhinney Thu 9 Dec 2021

Hi Paul,

that error you posted is the error shown in Workbench. Often there is a corresponding error in the Niagara Application Director. Could you repeat the process and try to capture the error in the Application Director and post it please?

Paul Quinn Fri 10 Dec 2021

It is the same error:

javax.baja.xml.XException: Missing module nhaystack [11:4]

at javax.baja.io.ValueDocDecoder$BogDecoderPlugin.err(ValueDocDecoder.java:1363) at javax.baja.io.ValueDocDecoder.parseSlot(ValueDocDecoder.java:680) at javax.baja.io.ValueDocDecoder.decode(ValueDocDecoder.java:289) at javax.baja.sync.AddOp.decode(AddOp.java:140) at javax.baja.sync.SyncBuffer.decode(SyncBuffer.java:149) at com.tridium.fox.sys.broker.BBrokerChannel.syncToMaster(BBrokerChannel.java:2409) at com.tridium.fox.sys.broker.BBrokerChannel.circuitOpened(BBrokerChannel.java:273) at com.tridium.fox.sys.BFoxConnection.circuitOpened(BFoxConnection.java:464) at com.tridium.fox.session.SessionCircuits$ServiceThread.run(SessionCircuits.java:442)

Paul Quinn Sat 11 Dec 2021

My bad! It has been a while since I worked on a Niagara system. I copied the files to the jace but forgot to install them with the Software Manager.

Everything is working now. Thanks for your support.

Richard McElhinney Mon 13 Dec 2021

No problem Paul! Glad to hear you got it working!

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