#959 Niagara Haystack Installation

Erkut Cagdas Metin Tue 23 Nov

Hi All,

I want to know that installing haystack modules should meet with the niagara licensing. So we can not install haystack modules unless we bought the niagara 4. Or is there a way to get Hardware ID and Licence key for Niagara 4 for demo/free. If anybody knows that could you send me a link which should i follow these steps. I stuck on the Niagara 4 licensing page (Hardware ID and license key).

Richard McElhinney Wed 24 Nov


for the open source nhaystack module there is no licensing requirements. Can you clarify if you are using nhaystack?

Erkut Cagdas Metin Mon 29 Nov

Actually i install niagara 4 (which i don't have a licence just want for learning demo use) and suppose to nhaystack will available niagara for open source. And i couldn't find any setup video or article in the site, i just put nhaystack file to niagara modules. I try different things to install nhaystack but can not succeed. I want to know is there setup video or article exists for nhaystack open source to install on niagara 4.

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