#939 Sub-proposal: EquipFunction Taxonomy

Brian Frank Mon 19 Jul 2021

The equipFunction taxonomy was designed to model what equipment did and what it did it on:

  • conduits convey x
  • tanks/batteries store x
  • fan/pumps move x
  • dampers/valves regulate x

I'm going to propose we shelve this taxonomy for now.

First: I don't think its really working right. For example we currently model the potential behaviors of an AHU (ventilates, humidifies, dehumidifies, etc). But we don't really have a way for subtypes or instances to qualify if that function actually exists.

Second: future work might bring new ideas on how this should work. For example the BuildingsIOT is using equipment functions in a way to group pieces of the control sequence which might lead to better validation. Or look at post 878 for all sorts of other ideas we might want to include into these concepts.

Third: its not really needed right now because for the near future its just as easy to query by explicit type.

Brian Frank Wed 23 Mar 2022

I have removed the equipTaxonomy per this topic. I left the definitions in the repository commented out for now. See changeset

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