#930 pyHaystack and IO folder in Skyspark

Doug Sims Tue 22 Jun

Is it possible to write files to the IO folder for a project using pyHaystack? I know that I can do that with Axon scripts, but I'm wondering if I can upload and/or read files that are located in the project's IO folder.

Brian Frank Tue 22 Jun

If pyHaystack lets you do arbitrary GET and POST calls, then it would be a get/post to:


Doug Sims Thu 15 Jul

Thank you for the reply. I've shared this with a group that was working on this and I think I've convinced them to use the pyHaystack module in a way that will not even require this access. Previously, they were only using the module to send http requests to run Axon scripts, instead of using the actual pyHaystack calls that are available. Now, they are able to read and write using the appropriate calls from within the pyHaystack module and should not need access to that folder.

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