#927 nHaystack Basics

Ian Bonadeo Fri 28 May

Is there a concrete example of using the Haystack API in Niagara to read a data point?

Richard McElhinney Wed 2 Jun

Hi Ian,

Can you clarify what you are looking for?

Are you looking for code?

A Niagara Station?

A SkySpark project?

Something else?

Cheers, Richard

Ian Bonadeo Thu 3 Jun

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply. I have a Niagara Station and I want to bring that data to an remote web server where I have a dashboarding UI.

Let's say I have a point called "Ramp" where n:name="Ramp".

My station url is http://station.com.

What would the script be to subscribe to the Ramp point from my dashboard HTML server?

Thanks! -Ian

Ian Bonadeo Fri 4 Jun

I suppose I am looking for an ops example to read a point.

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