#926 Create test server using example sites

Kyle Williams Wed 26 May 2021


How straightforward would it be to create a Haystack server (using any of the server implementations in the Downloads page) and import the sites that are in the Examples section? Is there a way to just download the site and import the file into a server?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Brian Frank Thu 27 May 2021

Is there a way to just download the site and import the file into a server?

What is your goal to import it into a server? Are you trying to create your own server implementation?

Kyle Williams Thu 27 May 2021

No, not trying to create a new server implementation. I'm only writing client code which uses pyhaystack, but the few Haystack servers that I currently have access to are not filled out very well (e.g. the equip's don't have any equipRef's, which are essential to what I'm trying to do). In order to test my client code with better data, I want to spin-up a local test server that I can query. The idea I had was use one of the existing server implementations and populate it using the example sites, but I am open to other ideas if you know of a better approach.

Brian Frank Thu 27 May 2021

So you want a test server to try out your client implementation then?

I can't speak to the other open source projects, but the ones I am familiar with:

The Java toolkit will run a simple test server when you bundle it with Tomcat (that is how the test suite works). You can probably replace the test database with a call to load an example file pretty easily if you know Java.

Shortly the new project we announced called Haxall will be a complete open source runtime you can use (but probably not for a few more weeks).

Or if you want to send me a private email, I can give you access to test against a SkySpark test server in the cloud.

At some point we have discussed making project-haystack.org itself a test server.

Kyle Williams Thu 27 May 2021

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it. I'm assuming there's already a way to load a zinc file into some sort of site object?

Having access to a SkySpark test server would be incredibly helpful, what is your email address (or where can I find it?).

Chase Brock Wed 26 Jan 2022

Hello @Brian Frank

I would also find "access to a SkySpark test server would be incredibly helpful"

I have deployed a Haxell runtime in my Dev environment. However, I need a way to simulate "curVal", "watchSub" ops, "HisRead" values.

Any advice?

Brian Frank Wed 26 Jan 2022

Haxall will be the ideal test platform since its open source and has the same underlying codebase as SkySpark for all the Haystack features. However its not quite complete enough for that purpose. We are just now adding the connectors and watch ops which will be in the next release.

In the meantime I will email you info for another test server you can use

Chase Brock Tue 14 Jun 2022

Hello @Brian Frank

Noted that the SkySpark test server in the cloud is no longer active/accessible. 404 Not Found Is this resource no longer available?

Brian Frank Tue 14 Jun 2022

I am not sure what test server you are talking about. But moving forward, the best test server to use is just download and test with Haxall

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