#923 Window contact / sensor

Karol Jarolimek Fri 21 May

Is there a way to tag a window contact / sensor? We have a building with reed switches. When you open a window it will interrupt the cooling mode of the BMS.

I was thinking to tag with: point sensor window, where window is a custom tag.

Reed switches are also used as alarms, but our case is HVAC related.

Adam Wallen Mon 24 May

Hey Karol,

I have contact door along with point sensor when I did all my zigbee/zwave work on my house. These same contact switches can be on any door including fridges and garages as well as windows. It's a good way to also know if something is left open.

I would add the contact tag as you can do the same types of analytics and control on all of these but welcome input from others.


Karol Jarolimek Wed 26 May

Hi Adam,

I like the contact tag you suggested, it is pretty generic. Went with point sensor contact window.


Adam Wallen Wed 26 May

No problem! I enjoyed your use case.


Brian Frank Thu 3 Jun

One of the problems here is with using the term window as a adjective instead of a noun. If we ever wanted to model windows and doors as first class types (subtype of equip or something else, or an RDF class), then you'd really like to reserve the term window or door by itself as meaning the physical window or door.

Its not much different than the recent discussion of using the term chiller as a sensor adjective versus meaning the physical chiller.

In the case of window/door sensors, locks, etc - maybe we just have to say they are used as adjectives. But then we would need some additional tag to create a conjunct to model the physical door or window. I'm not sure they are really equip per se - maybe some other BIM related base class for the physical structure of the building.

Adam Wallen Thu 3 Jun

FWIW I think the reason I did not model doors and windows as equip is because I couldn't think of anything else to monitor with them at the time. I could really only see one point - the open/closed state. If we get fancy some day, you could actually log the state of electrochromic glass. Also, I might play with smart blinds at some point, but haven't decided if the blind is part of the window or an entity all itself. Just some thoughts for this discussion.

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