#918 Request for input on .NET client library

Chris Breederveld Tue 18 May

Hi .NET developers,

I need input on the .NET ProjectHaystack.Client package.

This libraries Java origins have long since bothered me (lack of support for many of the .NET feature we have come to love) and the library has gradually been moving more towards a version that feels like the ones you are used to.

However, many features were still only half-done and support on the many versions of the logic was making it harder to do the more important things. Therefore I am working on a major refactoring of the library to go towards a full .NET 5.0 implementation, but I need your input!

Please have a look at the new branch and/or download the pre-release NuGet package 2.0.0-beta and let me know what you like, dislike or are missing.

The library is by choice not backward-compatible, but if there is a great need to port older projects to this library I might consider creating a backcompat NuGet to accompany this one.

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