#906 Haystack Core TypeScript Libraries

Gareth David Johnson Wed 21 Apr

I'm pleased to announce some new open source Haystack libraries written in TypeScript; brought to you from J2 Innovations - A Siemens Company.


Overall there are 4 libraries that can be used together...

  • haystack-core: data model, filter compliation and execution, zinc, trio, hayson, def normalization and much more.
  • haystack-units: a complete unit database.
  • haystack-nclient: a haystack client network library. This includes some smart watch management features.
  • haystack-react: some useful React hooks for working with haystack data.

These libraries are Haystack 4 compliant with support for both normalizing (compiling) and using defs.

All API documentation is included in the above repos.

I look forward to demonstrating these libraries and more at Haystack Connect 2021!

Jay Herron Wed 21 Apr

These look awesome!! Thanks for sharing, Gareth and J2!

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