#905 Haystack Survey

Cory Mosiman Mon 19 Apr

Hello Haystack Community,

In the hopes of getting good, honest feedback, we put together the following two surveys:

  1. User survey: please take this if you are primarily somebody who implements Haystack on projects
  2. Developer survey: please take this if you are primarily somebody who develops software against the Haystack specification

The surveys are anonymous unless you provide an email address at the end. Please provide constructive and honest feedback, as we will be trying to use this to tackle issues moving forward. I will send out a few reminders, but we are hoping to get results by April 30th. The thought is we will set up a review meeting after Haystack Connect to present the results for those who are interested. Feel free to let us know what you think of the survey, whether we should do this annually / biannually, etc.

Thanks for your participation, and please spread the word!

Steve Eynon Tue 20 Apr

Hello Cory,

We put together the following two surveys...

This sounds great!

I was just wondering though, who is "We"? Are these official Project Haystack Surveys, or is this effort on behalf of someone else?

Cory Mosiman Wed 21 Apr

Brian, Jaime, and I put them together as part of the Haystack Labs working group.

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