#903 Haystack 4 rollout plan

Brian Frank Tue 13 Apr

At this point, I would say that Haystack 4 is almost, but not quite complete.  There are still a couple efforts that might result in some tweaks to the tagging model.  However, at this point the fundamentals of the design and ontology look pretty solid and well proved out.  We've had two years of review and experience with it.

I'm going to propose the following roll-out plan:

1.  Finish porting the documentation on current site to project-haystack.dev (some of the chapters like Energy, Ahus, etc). 

2.  Do another release on project-haystack.dev towards the end of this month to allow for one more final review

3.  Update the primary project-haystack.org website to the new Haystack 4 docs (I'd like to do this right around the time of Haystack Connect the week of May 3rd)

4.  Continue to release using a 3.9 version series for a little while longer until we decide to mark a release as 4.0.0 

At this point, no one should be using the Haystack 3 docs as reference anymore.  And it's causing a lot of confusion.

Please post your feedback or any thoughts you have on this rollout plan.

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