#896 nHaystack Extended Ops: Apply Batch Tags

Keshav Agarwal Mon 22 Mar 2021

Hi All,

We review post https://skyfoundry.com/forum/topic/1548 on the skyfoundry forum and it suggested there might be a way to programmatically add haystack custom tags like {discharge air temp sensor} etc on points in the Niagara Station. We then reviewed the code-base and found the applyBatchTags function in the extended ops. Is there a way this op can be implemented within Skyspark and pyHaystack?

Would appreciate any feedback.

Warm Regards, Keshav

Richard McElhinney Sun 28 Mar 2021

Just for everyone else's information, Keshav and I have caught up offline to address this question. I will post further information here shortly.

Ruslan Khatman Fri 6 Aug 2021

Hi Richard, Any update on this? I am looking to do the same thing.

Mike Melillo Wed 11 Aug 2021

Would like to see how this turned out as well!

Richard McElhinney Wed 1 Sep 2021

Hi Mike and Ruslan,

I responded to Keshav with the following information.

The Standard Ops in the Haystack REST API do not define a REST endpoint that allows tags to be added, whether they are custom tags or not. However, a custom Op does exist in the nhaystack module as an extra piece of functionality specific to nhaystack.

When I took over the nhaystack module there were a number of custom Ops in the code and they were needed by other members of the community and I have just left them there. However, I do not test them as I have not been supplied a specification for how they are supposed to work. This means that I also cannot support them.

So yes, there is a custom Op called “applyBatchTags” but I do not know how it works, I cannot test it, and I don’t know if it is actually working right now.

I assume that the original user of these custom Ops are still using them and using them successfully as I have had no feedback otherwise. And on the basis that bad news travels faster than good news, and I've had no bad news, I assume they are working.

I hope this clarifies the situation. If you were willing to help out an do some testing and documentation I would be more than happy to take contributions for the benefit of the community.

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