#892 GUI based Haystack browser

Tyler B. Long Thu 11 Mar 2021

Has anyone developed an open source GUI based browser for devices serving up their data via the Haystack REST API?

I am familiar with the majority of client libraries out there supporting the various auth methods, haystack ops, etc., but none which offer a GUI for browsing and exporting the data. So far the search has included this site, github, and stackhub. Any guidance would be helpful.

Barathwaja S Fri 10 Feb 2023

I'm also looking for the same. Please post here if you have found anything.

Jay Herron Sat 11 Feb 2023

Haxall has a web-based GUI that allows you to view records and tags in a tabular format.

Tyler B. Long Sat 11 Feb 2023

Nothing found to date as we eventually developed our own closed source desktop application.

I would be willing to help get an open source desktop, possibly cross platform, application started for the community here provided enough interest exists. Might be helpful to begin with getting an idea around the details and expected features for such an application like:

  1. Give a brief description of your use case for a GUI based Haystack device discovery application.
  2. What parts of the Haystack HTTP API should be supported for gathering details from a Haystack device?
  3. Do you envision this application providing only a visual representation of a Haystack device or would you also like to see the ability to export a device's details?
  4. If export details are desired from a Haystack device, what info would be expected and in what format?
  5. Would you need this application to work on platforms other than Windows? If so which ones?

Edit: My opinion on haxall to date. It only has an axon shell for its UI and is not intuitive enough for the every day person to both install and get a connector running to pull in data from another Haystack device.

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