#891 Nhaystack Service Issue

Rubin Dominic Wed 10 Mar

Hi All,

I'm pretty new to Haystack and I was hoping I would be able to get info on an issue that I'm facing while using nhaystack service on Jenesys Probuilder

While I trying to link a particular HVAC point to the a nhaystack site,the "load" button on the nhaystack service greys out. I need to restart couple of times to be able to use the "load" button again.

This is specific to my laptop since my colleagues are able to still do all the functions without any hassle for the same project.

I was hoping if someone could guide me on how to troubleshoot this or explain what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks and regards, Rubin.

Richard McElhinney Thu 11 Mar

Hi Rubin,

Can you identify which version of nhaystack you are using? Also if you start your Workbench in a console you might see an exception printed when using that UI view. If you can capture that it would help on any further diagnosis.

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